From ideology to proven concept

From ideology to proven concept

The R-Series jump rope progression started simply from Molly’s ideology of “how to train” to be a competitive jump roper.

Molly’s personal jump rope regimen consists of a precise sequence of movements which required different jump rope cords. Her 5–10-minute footwork warm up is based on connecting and powering the rope, finding timing, and setting the body up in the correct form.

This is followed by a 5–7-minute speed set performed with a rope that offers a bit more zip yet still is operated by and can be felt by the athlete.

These two ropes and movements allow for the athlete to be mentally and physically prepared to “compete” with their final rope, the wire rope.

Molly’s 30+ years of expertise in the sport of jump rope has changed the way athletes and coaches work on this movement. The 3-2-1 progression of jump ropes provides the proper feedback in the cords that is ideal for, and the only way humans will actual learn to jump rope proficiently.

Along with Molly’s educational method, this progression of jump ropes has proven itself to be the world’s best jump rope training in the world. R3-Resistance, R2-Hybrid, R1-Speed.