The Great Equalizer


Inventor Molly Metz: The Queen of Rope

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Inventor Adrian Pelkus: The Artificer

Innovation Race Movie Podcast

Congressman Thomas Massie: The Clucks Capacitor

Innovation Race Movie Podcast

Frank Gaffney – The Clear and Present Danger

Innovation Race Movie Podcast

Professor Adam Mossoff: The Resident Expert (Part 1)

Innovation Race Movie Podcast

In October of 2021, my jump rope patent was unjustly invalidated . Many of you have reached out and asked how you can help.

You can help by sharing my story/this movie with EVERYONE you know. “The Great Equalizer”

My story is real. My loss is real. My sadness, confusion, and anger towards our faulted patent system is real. 

There are thousands of others like me.

Share this with your friends and family so we can start getting this story out. This needs to be seen by millions so we can start to create awareness which will lead to change. 

There is more to do to help with this fight. Please enter name and email below so we can let you know what is next.

I know many of you are small business owners like myself. You understand the time, the heart and passion it takes to run a business. I cannot do this alone. Thank you for supporting my fight!



Our Fight