The "Revolution Rope"

The "Revolution Rope"

Following a car accident Molly her jump rope form had changed which lead to the development and first designs of prototypes of a new jump rope handle.

Over the years, Molly polished this design into a form that jumpers found unbelievably easy to use and which aided them in achieving faster and faster speed scores.

The “Revolution Rope” was born, and in 2010 Molly was awarded a Patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the design.

Since that time, the “Revolution Rope” has become a part of the R-Series Jump Rope Progression, and has been renamed the R1 Speed Rope. 

This jump rope handle revolutionized the world of jump rope, hence the name, and has since been copied by hundreds of companies... Not only the technology but even the "R" in the names of the ropes... Which most counterfeiters didn't even know what it meant.