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R1 Steel Cable Adjustable Collars


Adjust your rope length on the fly with a sizing collar!

  • Easy to adjust with a screwdriver (or keys)!
  • Good for getting used to a new rope length or for days when you need some extra length due to fatigue!
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Steel Cable Adjustable Collars

Sizing collars (for coated or uncoated steel wire) allow you to adjust the rope’s cable to your custom length with only the turn of a screw! This is not only good for when you first get the rope and are getting used to its length, it’s also good to keep in mind for your workouts. As you get fatigued, you’re jumping form may suffer, and you may prefer to lengthen your rope as your workout progresses!

Sizing collars are easy to adjust with a flathead screwdriver, or even with a key from your keychain!

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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