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R3 Resistance Rope: outdoor rope

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Designed & Patented by JumpNrope Owner, 5-time World Champion Molly Metz, this rope serves many purposes:

  • THE most under-utilized rope
  • Creates feeling for timing, setup and visual reference
  • Resistance training for high level athletes without compromising setup form/technicality

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The Constantly-Varied, High-Intensity Jump Rope:

Designed and patented by 5-Time World Jump Rope Champion, Molly Metz, the R3 Warrior Rope is part of the R-Series jump rope progression and is considered the most under utilized rope and most important rope when learning timing, efficient setup and technique.

If an athlete has never learned to control their rope with the use of their wrists then they will continue to suffer in the areas of shoulder fatigue, overbounding, shin splints and anger. The R3 Warrior Rope IS the foundation rope and first rope in the progression when learning to master efficient jump rope form, timing and technique. It is not as “sexy” as the R1 speed rope so it often gets overlooked. A shame, every competitive jump roper knows importance of this rope to master efficiency.

It also provides an additional challenge to athletes who are looking for constantly-varied, high-intensity challenges.  JumpNrope owner Molly Metz challenges any high level athlete to program this rope into their daily wods. The R3 warrior rope is NOT a “heavy” cable rope. A heavy cable rope provides a VERY different stimulus: it challenges grip strength and hand position. A heavy cable will most likely throw off your setup foundation and timing which can cause overuse of the shoulders and over-bounding. This stimulus is not something JumpNrope educates on- however we understand some athletes might be presented with this type of challenge in a weekend event or competition.

Our education is geared towards safety and overall efficiency. We want our users to be 100% excited to pick up a jump rope, rest in their workouts and enjoy the movement. The R3 warrior rope is in someway so “light” and  slow that it allows athletes to think, transfer energy from their shoulders to their wrists and visually give some timing feedback. High end athletes will feel the “draft” of this rope as they move from single unders to double unders. The resistance will require more use of the wrists while still allowing proper and safe jumping mechanics. We guarantee this rope both in durability and in function. We have been using this rope in all of our educational seminars since 2008.

Molly Metz is also an affiliate owner and hangs the R3 Warrior Rope in her gym. This on-the-fly adjustable resistance rope has provided years of proper jump rope training to all of her athletes. You can also find this rope hanging in very large gyms around the world including CrossFit Reykjavik (Iceland) and The Louvre (Paris).  These gyms have over 1,000 members so they rely on products that provide proper education and a lifetime of durability.

The handles are made of an ultra-durable nylon, the patented bearing system makes them virtually friction-free, making this rope feel effortless at times. Handles are warrantied.

Note: Beaded ropes are INCREDIBLY DURABLE, lasting for years on concrete, and can be sized with knots- making them virtually maintanence-free!



1 Complete R3 Warrior Rope (beads unassembled), 120 1″ beads, sizing instructions, LIFETIME WARRANTY

Additional information

Weight 0.33 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 8 × 8 in
Bead Color #1

, , , , , , , ,

Bead Color #2

, , , , , , , ,

Bead Color #3

, , , , , , , ,

Bead Color #4

, , , , , , , ,

Handle Length


Sizing Instructions


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