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R1.5 Hybrid Speed Rope Cable – 100 ft (comes in 11 ft cuts)


Our Hybrid Speed Cable is a perfect blend of being flexible, but with extra weight and durability- a difficult property to find!

  • Have plenty on hand as a backup for yourself!
  • Have some on hand for others on your team!
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Hybrid Speed Rope Cable – 100 ft. (comes in 11 ft cuts)

A determined jumper may go through several cords per year, depending on his or her usage of the rope. Having backup cord available if something breaks is a great idea, not only for you, but also for others that you may know!  Or maybe you’re looking to make several jump ropes from a large spool!  100 feet should make about 10-12!

Our Hybrid Speed Rope Cable is SUPER DURABLE!  We’ve tested the heck out of this cable and it holds up to thousands of Double Unders on concrete or in the gym.  The cable has the thickness of our PVC cable, but comes with a thin steel wire running down the center for added weight and support.  Hundreds of Athletes at our Double Under Seminars have found this rope to be a perfect combination of weight, flexibility, and durability.

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