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Flex Freestyle Rope: Flexible, lifetime warranty handles


The freestyle rope of Champions, this rope is a game-changer!

  • Indestructible, flexible handles- lighter and smaller than traditional hard-plastic handles
  • Internal bushings for smooth turning
  • Flexible, yet stretch-free Hybrid 1.5 cord
  • Lifetime warrantied handles

These will be the last freestyle handles you’ll ever need!

We sell in bulk, just ask! INFO@jumpnrope.com


Freestyle Jump Rope of Champions!

In 2011 Founder Molly Metz of JumpNrope developed a new type of freestyle jump rope handle: one whose handles were ~1 inch smaller than traditional freestyle handles, and slightly flexible.  The intent was to make freestyle jumping more efficient by making the handles a little lighter and forgiving to land on- because who doesn’t like jumping on their hands!? Traditional hard-plastic freestyle handles tended to snap and shatter frequently, in addition to leaving bruises on the hands of jumpers landing on the handles during routines. The FLEX Freestyle handles come with a lifetime warranty! (cord is not warrantied) Never throw another handle away again- these handles will give you a lifetime of crazy crosses, swinging, turning and flipping fun.

Ultra Durable Jump Rope Handles:

The JumpNrope freestyle handles are made from a proprietary material- they’ll bend and flex but NEVER EVER shatter – not even if you run over them with a car!  They are 6.75″ long.

The rope also comes with our special Hybrid 1.5 cord- the perfect blend of flexibility without stretchiness because the material is covering a steel wire allowing the rope to keep a nice zip to it. It comes with 2 bushings that act as an internal bushing mechanism, which allow the rope to turn freely without much friction. The rope can be sized by tying a knot into the cord without damaging the line.

We sell in bulk, just ask! INFO@jumpnrope.com


2 flexible handles *warrantied, 11 feet of hybrid 1.5 cord *cord not warrantied, bushing mechanisms, extra attachment pieces, sizing instructions.

Additional information

Weight 0.19 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 8 × 8 in
Cable Color

, , , , ,

Handle Length


Epic Freestyle Jumping!


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