Double Dutch Speed Ropes


Double Dutch Speed Ropes

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Made by (and used by) elite double dutch jumpers (US!), these double dutch ropes have the perfect blend of speed and flexibility, without stretching.

  • Cord: Choice of colors!
  • Flexible Handles: Regular (4.5″) size only
  • Two 18′ ropes
  • Internal bushing mechanisms for smooth turning

Double Dutch Speed Ropes Made and Used by Elite Jumpers:

JumpNrope’s Double Dutch Speed Ropes are made by (and used by) elite double-dutch speed jumpers (it’s US!).  It’s important that double dutch ropes remain fast and flexible, but it’s critical that they don’t stretch during use.  We’ve found the perfect blend of materials to make the cable just right.

The handles are regular-sized (4.5″) and slightly flexible.  The internal bushing mechanism makes the ropes turn very smooth, allowing for incredibly high speed scores!

These ropes should NOT be used on concrete or abrasive surfaces, as the material may wear away quickly.


Set of two 18′ double-dutch ropes, 1 set of extra pieces.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 8 × 8 in
Cable Color

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