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Beaded Freestyle Rope: Long Flexible Handles


Perfect creative fitness tool for kids!

  • Customizable- assemble any pattern you want!
  • Indestructible, flexible handles and beads
  • Internal bushings for smooth turning
  • picture shows our short handles which are out of stock
  • for bulk orders please email us direct: info@jumpnrope.com
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Beaded Jump Ropes: a Creative Way to Get Kids Active

Beaded Freestyle ropes are perfect for getting kids creative and ACTIVE!  Our ropes are fully customizable, allowing you or your child the opportunity to make the rope personalized.  The rope comes UNASSEMBLED with your color choice of 120 1-inch beads, allowing you to put your ropes together in any pattern you want! (comes with 4 packs of 30 beads- colors to choose from!)

Ultra Durable Jump Rope Handles:

The rope comes with our flexible long handles- meaning the ropes will NEVER EVER break… not even if you run over them with a car!  Made from a proprietary material, our handles will bend and flex but NEVER EVER shatter.  It also comes with 11 feet of braided cord (totally adjustable with no tools) and our internal bushing mechanisms, which allow the ropes to turn freely without much friction.

Note: The beads used in this rope will not shatter either.  They can endure use on concrete for years before needing to be replaced.


2 LONG flexible handles, 11 feet of braided cord, bushing mechanisms, 120 beads (4 color choices), sizing instructions

Additional information

Weight 0.30 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 8 in
Bead Color #1

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Bead Color #2

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Bead Color #3

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Bead Color #4

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Handle Length

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