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On the Road Again!

Did you know that JumpNrope has conducted over 270 Double Under Seminars worldwide?  At 20-30 athletes per seminar, that amounts to nearly 7000 athletes trained by JumpNrope instructors!

Currently JumpNrope instructors Molly and Katie are on the road in Europe conducting seminars in Denmark and the Netherlands!  Soon they’ll be back in the States, only to return to Europe shortly thereafter.

The Double Under Seminar is hosted by a CrossFit Affiliate owner at no cost, but requires athletes to purchase seminar tickets for $50-60.  The money is well-spent, however, as thousands of athletes worldwide swear by JumpNrope’s instruction and methods for conquering double unders.  Just listen to Brian Adkins of CrossFit Hunstville who says “I’ve learned more in the two-hour seminar than I have in three years trying to teach myself.”  Now that’s powerful!

If you’re looking to get better with your Double Unders, or know someone else who would, have a look and see if JumpNrope is coming to your neck of the woods.  Or maybe you’re interested in hosting – contact us to see if we can work out the details!