JumpNrope offers replacement cable kits for single ropes whose cable needs repair, or 100 foot cuts for keeping on hand in order to fix ropes at a moment’s notice.  Everyone knows that all cables and cords fray from time to time when jumping on abrasive surfaces, which is why keeping extra cable on hand is a smart investment.

  • R1 Speed Rope Cable – 100 ft (comes in 11 ft cuts)

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    PVC Cord – 100 ft (comes in 11 ft cuts)

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From time to time the attachment pieces to your jump rope may get lost, or you may just need pieces to replace jump rope cable.  JumpNrope has all of the attachment pieces you need at affordable prices.  Stock up with five or twenty-five packs of pieces for your next “fix-it” job.

If you’re interested in just getting jump rope handles, JumpNrope is your place to go!  We offer our signature R-Series jump rope handles in pairs for our Speed Ropes as well as for our Training Ropes and Freestyle Ropes!

As CrossFit coaches and jump rope team coaches ourselves, we know what tools you will need to fix ropes at the gym or at practice- small simple tools that are easy to carry and get the job done!

  • All-In-One Cutting & Crimping Tool

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