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”I just purchased the speed balls….they are AWESOME!! LOVING THEM!! My forearms are soooo fatigued, but doing it in front of a mirror – what an awesome tool to watch your flick/flick!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thanks to all of you, so glad I found you!!”
-Tracey Swenson
CrossFit Athlete
CrossFit Skylands
”I had to write to tell you how much we LOVED the seminars this weekend. I had my classes using the ropes this morning and doing their one minute speed test! All four coaches who attended walked away with valuable information that can be passed on to our athletes. Personally, I was very impressed by the organization of the seminar and the way everything flowed from beginning to end. Most of all it was super fun! Folks are so intimidated by the double-under but the way you presented it helped us all see that with proper form and positioning anyone can do them successfully. You and your crew are “Top Notch” trainers and we can’t wait to have you back! I hope your trip was a huge success and on behalf of the ECF athletes and coaches we want to thank you for including our gym on your tour.”
-Jen Blackburn
CrossFit Trainer
Eugene CrossFit
”Thank you SOOO much for sharing your knowledge in The Ozarks. Everyone is talking about how great the seminar was. I really hope you guys are able to work us back into your schedule this fall. I can’t tell you how many folks have said, “I wish I would’ve gone”. Thanks again!!”
-Bryan Hood
Owner, Trainer
CrossFit of the Ozarks
”Molly Metz, and the entire jumpNrope crew have been amazing to work with. Their training methods and enthusiasm for jumping rope is incredibly contagious. Our CrossFitters have seen a huge improvement in their jump rope technique in general, and their double-under ability in particular. I highly recommend having them come in and work with your athletes.”
-Skip Miller
Owner, Coach
Front Range CrossFit
”Thank you so much for coming to Core CrossFit. I cannot thank you enough for teaching my body how to do double unders as I have struggled with them for a long time. Your whole crew has changed my life forever and I am eternally grateful to you.”
-Danny Oquist
CrossFit Athlete
Core CrossFit