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Molly Metz

Before there was JumpNrope, there was just Molly Metz.

At the age of 7 Molly watched a performance by a competitive jump rope team at her elementary school and she was hooked.  Being the young “jock” she was, she wanted to compete and perform just like them, so Molly joined the team.  By the age of 8, Molly had made the International Traveling Team and travelled to 37 different countries over the years teaching jump rope workshops & seminars to others, while doing performances & shows.  In addition to traveling the world as a teacher & performer, Molly also competed at the highest levels in the sport, winning several National Championships, and several individual World Championships at international competitions.

When high school hit, Molly moved away from the sport of jump rope for a time and onto other Varsity sports.  However, the sport of jump rope had never left her heart, and after several years Molly decided to return to the sport as an adult to once again compete at the highest levels in the sport.  Training intensely, Molly made her way back into jumping shape and won yet another World Championship.

Then tragedy struck.  One winter morning on her way to work, Molly was involved in a car accident as a result of icy road conditions.  Molly broke her leg and did serious damage to her hips and shoulders.  It seemed as though jumping rope might be difficult after this.  Several months of recovery followed, and upon returning to the sport, Molly found herself in poor form.  As a result of her accident, Molly’s jumping form was “off”.  The misalignment of her hips and the balance of her legs threw her off, vastly affecting her jumping performance.

But every cloud has a rainbow, and instead of giving up on the sport she loved, Molly decided to look deeply into the mechanics of her jumping form and correct the poor habits she had developed from her accident.  She began to analyze others forms and started to make notes of what others were doing well, and where she could make improvements.  Over time, Molly had compiled a vast mental library of jump rope knowledge.

At the same time, Molly started to look deeply into the jump ropes that people were using.  She noticed that most everyone was using jump ropes that either broke often, or those that didn’t work well mechanically.  Molly decided to construct her own by taking parts and pieces from other jump ropes and combining them with other clever mechanisms that she would find.  Molly made prototype after prototype, testing and developing what would later become the R1 Speed Rope (a rope that is now used by World Record Holders in the sport).  Using her newly-designed jump rope handle, Molly could now focus on her mechanics with a jump rope that was specifically designed by a competitive jumper.  With this advantage, Molly slowly climbed back into shape and back into competition.

The impact of Molly’s accident had left just as large of an impression on Molly mentally as it did physically.  She looked at how jump rope had played such a large role in her physical recovery from her accident, and she slowly realized that her life and her love of jump rope were closely woven.  Working at the time as a manager at a publishing company, Molly decided to quit her job and start a jump rope company.  She named this company ‘Double Under Wear’, which would later become JumpNrope (see below)!

Over the past few years, Molly has competed at the highest levels in the sport, and continues to compete with jumpers half her age (literally)!  She is the reigning National Champion in her age division, a CrossFit Level 1 certified trainer, and continues to teach in the sport as the Head Coach of the fastest jump rope team in the country, the Mad Hops Competitive Jump Rope Team.  Outside of competitive jump rope, Molly is busy running the company she founded in 2006, JumpNrope.

One day the Sun will burn off all of its fuel, but Molly will still be jumping rope!

Humble Beginnings


JumpNrope began in 2005 and consisted only of Molly and a team of a few competitive jumpers who, with Molly, taught jump rope programs at schools and recreation centers in the Denver Metro Area.  Molly’s vision at the time was to inspire and teach kids about jump rope, to share her years of experience in the sport with others, and most importantly, bring the fun to this fitness activity. Within 1-year of teaching Molly discovered an overwhelming demand for more jump rope programs at schools, recreation centers, and adult fitness facilities– JumpNrope was born!

Since that time, JumpNrope has grown to include other programs, such as Adult Endurance Training classes, Double Under Seminars for CrossFit athletes, and now CrossFit classes, Gymnastics classes, and more at JumpNrope’s very own stand-alone gym.  JumpNrope’s staff consists of elite CrossFit athletes, World Jump Rope Champions, a Ph.D. Physicist, and many other amazing and passionate people!

The “Revolution Rope”

patent2The design and development of the “Revolution Rope” started as a means for Molly to correct her poor jump rope form, following a car accident.  Over the years, Molly polished this design into a form that jumpers found unbelievably easy to use and which aided them in achieving faster and faster speed scores.  The “Revolution Rope” was born, and in 2010 Molly was awarded a Patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the design.  Since that time, the “Revolution Rope” has become a part of the R-Series Jump Rope Progression, and has been renamed the R1 Speed Rope.

The R1 Speed Rope is now the rope of choice for World Record Setting Jump Rope Champions (204 jumps in 30 seconds and 1000 jumps in 3 minutes), and elite CrossFit athletes worldwide.  The patented dual-bearing shaft technology, coupled with its pivoting eye technology makes this rope second to none.  Though this rope is often imitated and illegally reproduced, the journey started here at JumpNrope and stays here, being made and manufactured by JumpNrope’s production team here in Colorado.

R-Series Jump Rope Progression


The R-Series jump rope progression started simply years ago as the series of jump ropes used by Molly to properly coach and condition her competitive jump rope team.  Over the years, the team has used these ropes daily, and have increased their ranking in the nation to #1 ranked team in Speed/Power.   Their daily warmup regimen begins with a short 5-10 minute footwork set using the R3 Warrior Rope, followed by a 3-7 minute speed set with their R2 Trainer Rope, and finally 100 double unders or triple unders with the R1 Speed Rope.  (This is just their warm up!)

The variety provided by this series of jump ropes has been found to be incredibly beneficial to ALL skill levels of jumpers, not just elite athletes and competitive jumpers.  The variety in jump rope training, provided by the thickness and weight of the ropes, is ideally suited for beginners who are still learning the ropes (sorry for the pun).  Keep in mind, it is important to be using a speed handle for all ropes- it’s the cord attached to the handles that changes the output for conditioning purposes.  This progression of jump ropes has now proven itself to be the worlds best jump rope training device for the entire spectrum of jump rope athletes!

Mad Hops Competitive Jump Rope Team


Over the years, Molly and her team at JumpNrope have coached and competed with the Mad Hops Competitive Jump Rope Team, one of the largest and fastest teams in the world!  This team of elite jump rope athletes competes nationally and internationally in speed events (timed 30 seconds, 1 minute, and 3 minute speed), power events (1 minute double unders, max triple unders), and freestyle events (single rope, pairs, four-person freestyle routines).  Many of the jumpers on Mad Hops have won National and World Championships in these events!

Jumpers on the Mad Hops team range in age from 5 to 55 years old, and compete at various levels of competition.  Most of the jumpers on the team started at an early age (7-10 years old), however some of our better athletes have started jumping later in life and have done quite well in the sport!  It’s never too late to start jumping rope!

JumpNrope Today

Today JumpNrope has their own stand-alone jump rope facility located in Louisville, CO at the base of the Rocky Mountains.  Here JumpNrope runs kids jump rope programs, gymnastics programs, CrossFit programs, and other fitness programs.  In addition, JumpNrope tours the world doing Double Under Seminars, jump rope performances, and continues to manufacture all of their jump rope products in the USA (Colorado)!  Contact us for more information or watch some of our videos in our Jump Online section!  Better yet come visit us, the first visit is always a FREE one!

JumpNrope Staff

The JumpNrope staff is composed of World Jump Rope Champions, national- and world-level jump rope competitors, a Ph.D. Engineer, several Level 1 CrossFit-certified trainers, gymnasts, athletes, and many career specialists.  Take a peak behind the curtain to Meet the JumpNrope Staff!

Short Summary

JumpNrope was founded in 2006 by 5-Time World Jump Rope Champion Molly Metz, who started the company to continue her lifelong passion for the sport of jump rope and to spread that passion with others.  When they’re not touring the world conducting Double Under Seminars, JumpNrope can be found at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Louisville, CO at their stand-alone jump rope facility.  There, with over 10,000 square feet of space, JumpNrope runs jump-rope focused fitness programs for both kids and adults, as well as CrossFit classes, and gymnastics programs.  JumpNrope is also the makers and patent holders of World-Record Setting Speed Ropes, and other quality jump rope products, which are made proudly by hand in our facility.