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Emulating a CrossFit Games Athlete Can Ruin Your Form!

In just a few short weeks the 2016 CrossFit Games will commence. You will be watching your favorite athletes battle it out to be titled “The Fittest on Earth”.  We idolize these athletes: they work hard, they have inhuman like drive, and their physical bodies are mesmerizing to the eye.  We WANT to be them!  We want to move like them, get the same gear as them, wear the same clothes as them, and eat the same foods.

So when we see and hear in this video “her technique is good”. What are we going to believe?

When the whole world sees the form and technique of Games athletes, we automatically think “great form”!  We emulate that form because if the pros are doing it, then it must be right!  Right?!  Wrong!

Being a life-long competitive jump roper and coach of the sport, I find this frustrating because her technique is not “good”.  There are so many factors to consider when seeing “poor form” from high-end athletes.  It’s obvious that the athlete can be much more proficient with their jumping, but there are so many other factors happening here. Perpetually jumping with this bound can cause shin splints, lower back issues, neck issues, rapid fatigue in the shoulders, and more.

So my challenge to you all is not to set you up on a path to re-learning your double unders (for right now, anyway), but rather to sit back and become a virtual visual coach. I want you to do this while you watch the 2016 CrossFit Games.

So the official mission is to find “The Most Virtuous Athlete in the World”! (Especially with double unders)


What should you look for?

Here is the “JumpNrope Set Up” poster broken down for you to review and study: http://jumpnrope.com/education/double-under-guide/

And here is a slow motion video you can review as well.

Below are a few of the CrossFit athletes that have a near-beautiful “set up”, look for them at the 2016 CrossFit Games!

(I have had the privilege to work personally with the first two below!)

  • Travis Mayer – CrossFit Passion, Georgia

  • Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson – CrossFit Hengill, Iceland

  • Garret Fisher –  California

I believe in many forms of coaching athletes – through theory, visual feedback, and hands on approach, mental queues and more.  Let’s enhance our visual understanding this summer by using this new knowledge and watching our favorite athletes perform!

PS: If you are looking for some “hands on” coaching this summer, please

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