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About JumpNrope


Q: Is there a phone number I can call to talk with someone at JumpNrope?
A: Yes!  We’re happy to answer any questions you have: (303) 665-2125


Q: Do you guys do performances?  What are the requirements?
A: Yes!  We do performances nationwide.  Please contact us and provide us some details!

Spelling JumpNrope

Q: How do you officially spell JumpNrope?
A: Though there are lots of combinations of capitalizing the letters in JumpNrope with lots of spaces that can be added here and there, we officially (1) have no spaces in the word JumpNrope, and (2) we capitalize the ‘J’ and the ‘N’ only!


Jump Ropes

Q: What is the difference between the different cable options you provide?
A: Please visit our ‘Selection Guide‘ for the answer.  If you still have questions after looking at our easy-to-read guide, please contact us.

Q: How do I size my jump rope?
A: On each product page, there should be a ‘Sizing Instructions’ tab that shows a video tutorial on how to size your rope.

Q: What is the outer diameter of your cables?
A: The R2 Trainer, R1.5 Hybrid Speed, and R2.5 Hybrid are all 5/32″ OD, while the R1 Coated and R1 Light are both 5/64″ OD, and finally the R1 Uncoated is 1/16″ OD.

Packages & Kits

Q: Do you guys have distributor or affiliate pricing?
A: Yes!  Please contact us for more information on distribution of our product line or on becoming a JumpNrope Affiliate.

Checkout Issues

Q: My cart has so many items that I cannot see the ‘Cart’ or ‘Checkout’ button.  What can I do?
A: You can always go directly to the cart through this link (http://jumpnrope.com/jump-rope-store/cart/) or the checkout through this link (http://jumpnrope.com/jump-rope-store/checkout/).


Current Programs

Q: How can I get JNR to do a Double Unders Seminar at my gym?  What are the requirements / costs?
A: The seminars are FREE to host and typically cost attendees between $45 – $55 each.  Please contact us and tell us (1) your name & location, (2) square footage of your gym, and (3) the number of gym members!  We will add your information to our database.  When we get enough interest from a geographical region (1-2 hour drive radius), we will contact you to initiate a set of seminars in your region!  This process can be expedited if you contact several affiliates in your area and contact us together.


Q: Do you guys provide jump rope certifications or certificate programs?
A: We will soon!  We expect to be offering certification programs in early 2014.  If you’d like to be the first to learn about these offerings, please contact us and we will let you know ASAP!

 JumpNrope Gym

Kids Programs

Q: At what ages do children start to learn jump rope?
A: Some children can start as early as 5 years old, however, we typically have children that age start to learn other movements in our Itty-Bitty Beans program and work their way up to learn jump rope.  By the ages of 7 they should be quite able to jump rope.

Q: Do kids in these programs jump rope for the entire class?
A: NO! Our programs have a strong jump rope focus, but that doesn’t mean you are continuously jumping rope.  We alternate between jump rope movements, and core fitness movements (e.g. pushups, situps, and other functional movements).

Q: Does jumping that much at a young age hurt knees, backs, and joints?
A: Not the way we do it!  We have a wall-to-wall wood floor that provides a nice cushion when jumping.  Our staff has been jumping rope like this for decades and knows what is good and not good for the body.  In addition, our focus on core fitness ensures that our jumpers have a strong BODY to support their physical activities and avoid injuries.

Q: Is your staff “kid-friendly”?
A: All of our staff members are required to pass a background check and CPR certification.

Q: Is there anything fun to do while I wait for my child’s practice to be over?
A: Yes! We offer CrossFit classes and Adult Endurance classes that overlap with kids jump rope classes!  Additionally, Old Town Louisville has plenty of shops, stores, and restaurants to visit!

Adult Fitness

Q: Will I hurt myself doing CrossFit?
A: Yes, but you can also get hurt getting dressed in the morning.  With proper coaching, and by scaling your workouts to your skill level, you will be FINE!  In fact, we have seen many athletes with injuries rehabilitate themselves by strengthening their bodies through CrossFit classes.  What is wonderful about CrossFit is that you can ALWAYS modify skills to be less aggressive than what you see on television.

Q: I’m terrible at jumping rope.  What would I do if I attended your Adult Endurance class?
A: The Adult Endurance class is jump rope focused, but does not require you do be able to jump rope.  You can use Speed Balls (mistake-free jump ropes), or you can simply learn to jump rope by slowing building skill level, like all the other people in the class have done!  Everyone learns this way!

Jump Rope Teams

Q: My child wants to join the team!  What age range do you typically allow to join the Mad Hops team?
A: We recommend that jumpers are at least 6 years old before joining the Mini Hops Developmental Team, however we do have 5-year-olds on our team who have done quite well!  Alternatively, any jumper (regardless of experience or skill level) 5-years old and above is welcome to join our JumpNBeans program.