Author: John Obrecht


Do Double Unders Give You Shin Splints?

Jumping rope is considered a very low impact fitness activity- when done correctly.  Over the last 6 years of working with CrossFit athletes I have survey so many athletes who have struggled with shin splints.  My survey included a quick diagnosis of their bound and how they…


St. Patrick’s Day Sale

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, JumpNrope will be offering all GREEN R-Series Jump Ropes at $17. This sale includes R1 Speed Ropes, R1.5 Hybrid and R2.5 Hybrid Ropes, as well as the battle-tested R3 Warrior Rope! The addition of the green color to…


On the Road Again!

Did you know that JumpNrope has conducted over 270 Double Under Seminars worldwide?  At 20-30 athletes per seminar, that amounts to nearly 7000 athletes trained by JumpNrope instructors! Currently JumpNrope instructors Molly and Katie are on the road in Europe conducting seminars in Denmark and…