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Author: John Obrecht


Do Double Unders Give You Shin Splints?

Jumping rope is considered a very low impact fitness activity- when done correctly.  Over the last 6 years of working with CrossFit athletes I have survey so many athletes who have struggled with shin splints.  My survey included a quick diagnosis of their bound and how they...


St. Patrick’s Day Sale

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year, JumpNrope will be offering all GREEN R-Series Jump Ropes at $17. This sale includes R1 Speed Ropes, R1.5 Hybrid and R2.5 Hybrid Ropes, as well as the battle-tested R3 Warrior Rope! The addition of the green color to the R2.5...


On the Road Again!

Did you know that JumpNrope has conducted over 270 Double Under Seminars worldwide?  At 20-30 athletes per seminar, that amounts to nearly 7000 athletes trained by JumpNrope instructors! Currently JumpNrope instructors Molly and Katie are on the road in Europe conducting seminars in Denmark and the...