R1 Speed Ropes: 10 / 20 Pack for CrossFit Gyms


R1 Speed Ropes: 10 / 20 Pack for CrossFit Gyms


Designed & Patented by JumpNrope Owner, 5-time World Champion Molly Metz, this rope is the Fastest Jump Rope in the World and used by many elite CrossFit athletes.

  • Cable: Rigid, Durable, Nylon-Coated Steel
  • Handles: Ultra-Durable Nylon
  • Usage: Perfect for most CrossFit athletes
  • Comes ready to hang or to be resold

Record Setting Speed Rope: Used by Jump Rope Champions

Designed and patented by 5-Time World Jump Rope Champion, Molly Metz, the R1 Speed Rope has REVOLUTIONIZED the sport of jump rope with its ultrafast dual-bearing, pivoting-eye technology.  Several WORLD RECORDS have been shattered by jumpers who have used this rope, and many elite CrossFit athletes have found this to be their rope of choice at the CrossFit Games.

Durable Cable & Handles:

The cable is made of a durable nylon-coated steel, and the handles are made of a ultra-durable nylon, making this rope suitable for indoor use.

Not recommended for outdoor use.  Outdoor use decreases the longevity of this rope and can cause fraying.

This rope is perfect for jumpers who are looking to achieve double unders or triple unders, and is a crowd favorite of CrossFit athletes worldwide.  The additional weight provided by the nylon coating gives the jumper a little bit more “feel” to the rope, and gives more rhythmic stability to jumping.  The patented bearing system in the handles makes them virtually friction-free, and the pivoting eye allows for ANY angle of hand motion, making this rope feel effortless at times.


10 or 20 Complete R1 Speed Ropes (coated or uncoated)- ready for resale or to be hung in a gym.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 8 x 8 in
Cable Color

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Handle Length

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